The purest natural ingredients are always best, and it’s not only important for cosmetics to look good – they also need to not be harmful or toxic.


Our colors are equally inspired by images such as a glowing sunrise, the first shoots of green in the springtime or a vibrant pink sunset as they are by haute couture and the dynamic city life that defines Berlin style. We develop our colors in the same natural way we do their formulas: Instead of relying on data-driven marketing projections, we deliver editorial-quality looks dreamed up and photographed by Christina Roth long before they start inspiring trends in the fashion world.


Straight from the vibrant heart of Berlin: The very first UND GRETEL collection is an homage to the vivid and stunning colors found on the streets of Berlin – cosmetics for everyday and all night long, inspired by street-style looks that influence designers all over the world and shape our ideas of what contemporary fashion can be.


We believe that true beauty lies in a conscientious balance between humankind and the natural world. That’s why we’ve opted to use only selected natural ingredients which come from ethical and sustainable growers all over the world who respect the environment and believe in conserving our future.

From avocado oil to chamomile and clary sage extract, all of our ingredients get their nourishing, healing, and restorative power from the natural world. They are used in combination with the purest of mineral pigments and plant-based emollients and waxes – and, unlike most producers of cosmetics, we have made the conscious decision to abstain from using any toxic or otherwise questionable ingredients.

We’ve created a range of highly pigmented, long-lasting colors that feature luxurious,BDIH-certified textures as a basis. The result? Products that smell and taste just as good as they look – not to mention their beneficial properties for the skin. Each and every product is developed, improved, and finally perfected through a painstaking and slow process before being tested on celebrities, models, and our friends and family – but never, ever on animals.

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We use 100% natural ingredients. 100% certified. Many of our products are vegan, and all of them are produced without any animal testing. But the same isn’t true for every cosmetics manufacturer. The main – and most important – difference between natural and mainstream cosmetics is what goes into them. Microplastics, silicones, petroleum-based ingredients, gel-like plastics, synthetic fragrances and the like are considered totally “normal” ingredients for conventional cosmetic products. Every ingredient that is included in a given product must be listed in the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

Why do INCIs exist? EU law states that all components of skincare and cosmetic products must be listed in a specific order and format. This label must comply with INCI standards. This means that all ingredients need to be listed with their proper INCI names. As a general rule, ingredients are listed under their English or Latin scientific names Because we want you to have all the information you need, we’ve compiled a “GOOD LIST” of our natural ingredients and corresponding INCI names for you.

Our BAD LIST, on the other hand, includes all the substances that you’ll NEVER find in any UND GRETEL products – although we still think it’s important for you to be able to find out how to identify toxic ingredients and know what kinds of problems they can cause.