Until now, the only way to achieve truly vibrant colors and incredible staying power in professional cosmetics has been by including controversial ingredients and synthetic preservatives in the formulas. Natural and organic cosmetic products, on the other hand, have historically disappointed buyers with their lack of saturated colors, soft textures or durability.

But what if a company were to use the very best in natural ingredients to create highly pigmented, full-coverage, long-lasting cosmetics? It would revolutionize the organic makeup industry, but it’s something that had always seemed impossible – until now. Because that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with UND GRETEL. All without any synthetic preservatives, chemical ingredients, or – most importantly – compromises.


We’ve opted to use only ingredients which are fully natural and come from ethical and sustainable growers all over the world who respect the environment and believe in conserving our future. From avocado oil to chamomile and clary sage extract, all of our ingredients get their nourishing, healing, and restorative power from the natural world. They are used in combination with the purest of mineral pigments and plant-based emollients and waxes – and, unlike most producers of cosmetics, we have made the conscious decision to abstain from using any toxic or otherwise questionable ingredients. All of our products are strictly monitored to ensure that only pure, natural products are used, and we have received the BDIH Certificate for certified natural cosmetics.


We find more than just our ingredients in the natural world: our colors are equally inspired by images such as a glowing sunrise, the first shoots of green in the springtime or a vibrant pink sunset as they are by haute couture and the dynamic city life that defines Berlin style. 
Pink Blossom, sapphire, bronze – the shades in which our products are available are just as radiant as their namesakes If you still associate natural cosmetics with an outdated concept of environmentally friendly products with limited saturation and durability, then you’ll be astounded by the bold, vivid colors of the UND GRETEL range. They shimmer, glow, and radiate with all the power of mainstream cosmetics – but paired with the clean conscience that comes from using organic ingredients. 


UND GRETEL products feature coverage that can be adjusted to suit your preferences, from a sheer dusting of pigment to vivid and opaque colors. When it comes to the boldness of your lip or eye color or the coverage of your foundation, the choice is yours. This is because, unlike conventional cosmetics, all of our products are designed to offer layering coverage.


Our products are especially long-lasting because the natural pigments are able to bond with the skin in a completely different way than synthetic pigments.


Our products can be used with HD cameras because of how they have been developed by UND GRETEL co-founder Christina Roth. As a professional makeup artist who’s worked all over the world, Christina drew on her expertise with natural ingredients in designing products that meet even the strictest standards. The result: natural makeup that is particularly well-suited to professional photography and filming for advertisements or on the red carpet.

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