Mineral oil

Extracted from crude oil, some mineral oils can cause cancer. 

Mineral oils can be identified by terms like paraffin, ceresin, or other similarly cryptic words. They all have one thing in common: they’re the cheaper alternative to plant-based oils. Unlike high-quality plant-based oils, they only “sit” on top of the skin instead of being absorbed, and therefore don't actually provide any kind of nourishing effect.

This also means that mineral oils tend to clog pores. Mineral oils in lipsticks or other lip-care products are the worst offenders, as the wearer ingests them through the mouth and absorbs them into the body. Scientists believe that the two groups of mineral oils known as “MOSH” and “MOAH” may change a person’s genetic makeup and even cause cancer. Mineral oils are not permitted to be used in natural cosmetics.

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