Silicones can be identified by words ending in “-cone” or “-xane.” Practically no other synthetic material has garnered as much negative attention as silicones. Yet this ingredient is becoming increasingly popular, especially in shampoos. Silicones deposit a shiny film on hair shafts that fills in brittle areas and makes the hair smooth to the touch. But although the hair may appear fuller, smoother, and healthier at first glance, silicones do not actually have any kind of nourishing effect.

Silicones or silicone oils are also used in skin creams and lipsticks: Here, the liquid plastic visually “balances out” wrinkles and suggests a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Silicone is not only harmful to human skin, but also to the environment: When you wash off your makeup, the poorly degradable ingredient can be released into the environment via wastewater. Marine life is particularly affected by this, as silicones accumulate in their bodies. It is not yet clear what consequences this phenomenon might have.

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