Natural Rich & Refining Face Oil

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  • Skin-loving formulas & textures
  • 100% natural cosmetics from Germany
  • Certified at the highest standard
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Contents: 30 ml (€1,400.00/L)

  • Improves complexion and minimizes wrinkles
  • Hydrates and locks in moisture
  • Tones, regenerates and nourishes skin
  • Certified Dermatest®, COSMOS NATURAL
  • Perfume-free, cruelty-free, vegan

MINNE is a light, plant-based face oil, that is quickly absorbed without feeling heavy or greasy. A botanical blend of vitamins and antioxidants rounds out this rich mix of natural oils to create a silky protective film on the skin’s surface that "locks in" moisture. Highly charged with nature.


Perfect for dry, sensitive, mature, oily, normal and combination skin, to smooth, nourish and regenerate skin, retain moisture and slow the skin's aging processes.


Obtained from the fruit of the baobab tree, this traditional oil is produced fairly and sustainably in Burkina Faso by autonomous women's groups. Thanks to its high proportion of fatty acids, baobab oil is intensely nourishing and has both soothing and protective effects. Prevents premature skin aging.


Cold-pressed from Inca-peanuts, this oil is obtained via ancient, traditional methods and modern organic growing practices. This light oil is especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and both nourishes and regenerates the skin.


Obtained from fresh, green Arabica coffee beans, this precious oil is rich in vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids and squalene. The hydrating effect of green coffee oil is six times higher than that of either almond or jojoba oil. A genuine plant-based collagen, this nourishing oil improves the skin's elasticity and has a toning effect to prevent the skin's aging.


Obtained from camelina seeds, this oil has intensely nourishing and regenerating properties. It protects the skin's natural barrier, provides hydration for silky, smooth skin, and prevents skin from aging.


A total allrounder, MINNE face oil can be used for face massages, at the end of your daily skincare ritual to "lock in" nutrients, to enrich day and night creams or during certain times of the year when the skin feels drier.

Shake before each use to make sure the plant oils are well combined.

A pure massage oil
Gently massage 3-4 drops of oil into the skin every morning and evening. Don't forget your neck and neckline. Dry areas of skin can be treated to an extra portion.

Add an oil massage to your skincare routine
Apply our water-based PUR serum to your face after cleansing and let it briefly soak in. ZART Gently massage our ZART cream in. Then apply 3-4 drops of oil to the face, neck and neckline. Depending on your skin’s needs, the oil can be applied daily, for example at night, or every 2-3 days. If your skin dries out in winter because of the cold and indoor heating, massage the oil into your skin twice a day, both morning and evening.

A cream boosting oil
MINNE oil and ZART cream are specially formulated so that they can be mixed together. That means, depending on your skin type, you can enrich our ZART day cream with just a few drops of oil. Change it up every day according to your skin's needs – in line with UND GRETEL's mix-and-match principle.

Our tip
Leave to soak in before applying sun cream. You can then apply a primer such as ERST or WEGEN or LIETH Foundation.

Don’t be afraid of face oils! Even for those with oily or acne prone skin. Why’s that? Skin itself produces sebum – an oil that occurs naturally in the skin. When skin, for example, becomes dry due to intensive or too regular washing, it produces even more sebum. Excess sebum production can however be minimized with the right skincare, for example a face oil.


Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil*, Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil*, Prunus Domestica Seed Extract, Camelina Sativa Seed Oil*, Coffea Arabica Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Helanthus Annuus Seed Oil*

*from organic farming
84.5 % organic of total
100% natural origin of total
Shake before each use. Please store at room temperature and protected from light. The cloudiness does not affect the performance of the product.


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Annett Goldstein

Ich liebe die Produkte. Bin seit Jahren treue Kundin. Habe inzwischen auch meine Tochter infiziert😊

Hallo Annett,

lieben Dank für Deine Bewertung. Wir freuen uns sehr über Deine lieben Worte und dass Du mit unseren Lieblingen so glücklich bist :-).

Beste Grüße,

Einfach ein Traum!

Ich habe meine Gesichtspflege vor wenigen Wochen komplett auf die neue Hautpflegeserie von Und Gretel umgestellt und war gespannt, wie meine empfindliche Haut dies verträgt. Und was soll ich sagen? Es ist ein Traum, zu sehen, wie sich das Hautbild mit jedem weiteren Tag bessert. So ein gutes Hautbild hatte ich noch nie und bin einfach nur glücklich. Minne ist echt das Sahnehäubchen.! Ja, der Geruch ist anfangs ungewohnt. Aber es ist ein natürlicher und kein chemischer Geruch und verfliegt ganz schnell. Weiter so! Ich werde noch weitere Produkte wie AMIE probieren.


Vielen Dank für Dein schönes Feedback zu unserer Skincare. Wir freuen uns unheimlich, dass Dich unsere Schätze genauso verzaubern und begeistern konnten und dass sich Deine Haut mit den reichhaltigen sowie pflegenden Stoffen so wohl fühlt :-).

Herzliche Grüße,

Tolles Pflegeprodukt!

Bin sehr zufrieden! Im Winter benütze ich es morgens und abends. Im Sommer ist einmal am Morgen perfekt für meine Haut!

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