The names of our tools say it all: They help you to perfect your make-up and are the perfect assistant for every (natural) cosmetics lover!

Our priority isn’t just how makeup looks, but also how it smells – and most importantly, what’s in it! Here at UND GRETEL, we want to offer you the best possible cosmetic experience. Contemporary, high-end makeup – no toxic ingredients, no animal testing, no compromises! Certified natural cosmetics from Berlin. It might sound outlandish, but with UND GRETEL, it’s truly possible.

We have designed our makeup so that most products can be applied and worked in by hand. But just like cooking a delicious meal, not only do you need the best ingredients, but also great tools. That’s true for makeup, too. For our makeup, we recommend using not only your hands, but also our tools in order to achieve every effect from softness to precision.

DIENEN – the name of our two cosmetic brushes comes from a Middle High German word meaning “to assist/help/support/prepare.”

That’s the perfect description of our SOFT EYE brush and LIP AND EYE LINER brush , both made of 100% birchwood. Made of synthetic hair, both DIENEN brushes are also suitable for those who suffer from animal-hair allergies.

Our SEGEN sharpener lives up to its name, which means “blessing” in German. The blade in this handy tool is razor-sharp enough to sharpen any pencil with ease. The sharpener encircles the pencil tip without breaking it off.

The ILGE POWDER PUFF is the perfect tool for our translucent powder. A free powder puff comes with every ILGE powder. If you ever lose the powder puff, you can reorder it. The grip lets you apply powder in a handy and precise way, mattifying the skin for that perfect Photoshop finish. The UND GRETEL JUTE canvas bag is the perfect travel accessory for your favorite products.