With VLITTER NATURAL FACE & BODY GLOW we are ringing in a new highlighter era. Discover an all-over glow with VLITTER that opens up your individual styling playground – with subtle accents for the day to visionary looks.
Natural Face & Body Glow
The new ultimate liquid highlighter with aloe vera and magnolia extract. Whether pure or as a multi-use drop-in – with VLITTER you shine in a natural glow. The luxurious formulation is vegan, COSMOS ORGANIC-certified and pampers your skin thanks to numerous caring and hydrating ingredients. A NEW AGE OF GLOW.

Life is better, when you put some VLITTER on it!
VLITTER is versatile. Whether applied pure as a face or body glow or mixed drop by drop with other textures - VLITTER offers your skin a fascinating range from subtle shine to strong glaze. You decide how much and above all where you want to place the glow.